Petar and Emmy – “From Iowa with Love”

The name’s Madjarac, Petar Madjarac [spoken with suave British/James Bond-esque accent]. Halfway through the shoot we realized it could totally be a James Bond themed shoot! We just needed a PP7, an Aston Martin, and a shaken martini. We’re dorks.

Petar and Emmy are two of our very best friends and we’re head over heels excited for their wedding later this summer! They’re wonderful souls and gorgeous people – so photographing them was a dream. I stole them away from The Hall of Laureates Showcase we were attending (a very posh black tie affair showcasing the beautiful space in the World Food Prize and some of Central Iowa’s best wedding vendors) and shot these engagement photos! It was a super fast 20 minute shoot but boy did they work it for the camera!

I can’t express how excited I am to remain close with these two and see their lives together develop. 

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