Door County, Wisconsin: Ali’s dream wedding destination – the back yard of her family’s lake home. Dreams certainly came true on this wedding day! Destination weddings are always a thrill! Having the opportunity to explore exciting new spaces and places is the best! I had never been to Door County before but the way Ali […]

Ah 🙂 Morgan and Travis’ wedding day! You know those weddings that you really look forward to starting with the moment the couple say, “we want you to be our photographer!”?! This was one of those weddings! Morgan was a gorgeous bride, Travis a very handsome groom, their wedding party knew hot to party, and the […]

It was, like, the fist snow in Iowa in November and I was laying poolside in Arizona. I had just arrived in Phoenix, where Cassie is attending medical school, for an awesome weekend of engagement photos around town and up to Sedona (check them out here!)! That amazing photo trip was a fantastic way to […]

This is Becca – my first senior from the class of 2017!! She attends ACHS and studied in Europe this summer (which is so awesome!)! Photographing her was wonderful and I’m so excited for more 2017 seniors! Becca set the bar high with her easy going spirit and all around beautifulness!

There’s just something about Leah and Anthony that I love. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re so kind, so beautiful (individually and especially as a couple), so genuine, or so amazingly fun to photograph. Whatever it is, I really like these two and had an amazing beyond amazing time during their wedding day. The instant […]

Story time: It’s senior year of college and my wife (then girlfriend) and her very close friend are assigned a third, random, roommate at The Grove apartment complex in Ames. This unknown variable provided some room for worry with Samantha and Emmy. Would she be cool? Would they like her? Would she be a total […]

Talk about a perfect summer evening in Ankeny! One of the main objectives of this shoot was to get a portrait of the Cook Family with Ankeny’s Summerfest carnival in the background! We got the shot (see the very end of the post!) and so many more before that! Oh, our little ice cream break […]

This one was special. This was family. Krista is my sister-in-law and now John is my (first!) brother-in-law!! Documenting a wedding day I’m so emotionally into, witnessing all the planning steps, and knowing and loving everyone involved brought me up to a new level of loving what I do. The foundation of society is the family unit. The example of […]

Ah, this wedding day 🙂 Genuine, lovely, emotional, perfect. Capturing the love as it flowed on 6.18.16 with Mike, Alyssa, and everyone who loves them was fabulous. Gorgeous courtyard first look, perfect ceremony, downtown Ames photo shooting, delicious Hickory Park catered dinner, great toasts, and a pinch-me-this-is-everything-I-want-as-a-photographer sunset portrait session. And this amazingness all capped off […]

This is Jordan. He wears awesome three-piece suits and Gucci shoes. Working it for the camera like a pro. Got some headshots, got some more creative fashion/editorial style images. Had a blast shooting these photos!