Nicaragua – Honeymoon

Nicaragua? Where’s that? You’re going to Africa?!  …. No… It’s in Central America.
I decided that I was going to plan our honeymoon and my beautiful new wive wasn’t going to know where we were going until we got there – or at least go to our gate at the airport that took us there. Samantha is a fluent spanish speaker – thanks to an Iowa State University degree in Spanish and 6 months living abroad in España during her junior year. Speaking spanish is one of her her passions and, as I saw it, our ticket to adventure!
Our seven days in Nicaragua did prove to be an adventure by every definition. Whether we were hiking active volcanos, swimming in crystal clear crater lakes, navigating charming colonial towns, lounging in hammocks by the Pacific Ocean, or hurdling down Nicaragua’s main highway getting to the next destination in our 4×4 manual transmission vehicle.
I have found that one of the most definite ways to see if you get along with someone is to travel with them. Your nerves are tested, strengths called upon, and patience required in many situations. And it was confirmed, we work well together and the woman I married is a darn great person to spend my life with. I plan and she executes. Enjoy a few of our photos from our adventurous honeymoon in Nicaragua.


  1. Danielle Lutz says:

    Hello! I know this post is old but my fiance and I are looking into Nicaragua for our honeymoon also! Where did you stay? The pictures look amazing!

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