Nashville Master Songwriter Series

Billy Dean, Dan Mahar, Josh Sinclair, Josie Ochanpaugh, and Chandra Knudsen at the first Nashville Master Songwriter Series. It was held at Java Joes 4th Street Theatre. My mama has always been a huge Billy Dean fan – her and my dad have traveled down to his farm in Nashville several times. Billy even joined us in our home in Ankeny for a little concert in our living room in 2006. This night was filled with a TON of amazing talent and wonderful music! Capturing the feeling of the music and the evening was my goal. 

  1. Josie Ochanpaugh says:


  2. Lori Nielsen says:


  3. Kristy Kirkpatrick Stone says:

    These pictures are great!

  4. Renee Montgomery Duke says:

    I need photography lessons…

  5. Barb Downing McCabe says:

    great pictures! way to go Ryan!

  6. Sheila Edwards Wall says:

    You ROCK Ryan! Awesome pictures!

  7. Could you let me post this on twitter?

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