CUBE – That Funny Looking Toaster Car

After driving a true master of self-disassembly for seven years through high school and college it was time for an upgrade. The ’95 green Ford Taurus had seen better days.
So…. hello new, shiny, funny-looking toaster car of the future!
The Ripple you see on the car’s celling is the actual pattern of the design – cool, huh!?Of course the stereo (with awesome sub) was blasting the entire shoot! Yeah!
Good-bye old Ford Taurus – we’ll miss you!!
There are memories in every detail of that car. The lock was broken off by my little sister’s kicking feet while attempting escape from her car seat – at about three years old. Ever since then  the door was unlockable even without childlock – since the lock pull piece was half broken. The speedometer had been broken for years. At above 55 mph the needle bounced between 85 (max speed… wow…) and 45 – and made a whole lot of racket. Car parts would fall off on a regular basis. I’d set any given piece of the car on the dinner table and we’d play “guess what part this is and where it came from.”. And of course, owning Ford cars have been a family tradition ever since my Great Grandpa Miller worked for Moffitt’s Ford in Boone, Iowa. I think this Nissan was made in L.A. – kinda’ american? Not for sure. But it uses American oil… on wait… that’s not likely.

  1. Lisa Damman says:

    I’ll never forget you coming home holding yet another piece of the old Taurus asking if this one was necessary! Congrats on the new Cube!!

  2. Jeff Damman says:

    I seriously doubt if the cube can be driven for 17 years before it dies

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