Mylah – 19 Months

This was a special shoot with my darling little niece, Mylah, for her Grandma’s birthday gift! I dare you to think of a gift better than photos of your happy & cuter-than-anything granddaughter holding a red flower and eating a pepper. There is nothing better. 

  1. Brenda Statler Secoy says:

    Ryan these pictures are amazing. I realize you had a great subject to photograph but you are extremely talented. I am a very proud great Aunt 🙂

  2. Becky Keene says:

    Love……thank you Ryan!!! Amazing work 🙂

  3. Julie Marie Capili says:

    oh my goodness oh my goodness! she is the cutest and you are an AMAZING photographer!

  4. Jennifer McAnear Statler says:

    What can I say…when a picture speaks volumes.

  5. Deborah K McAnear says:

    These are such precious photos, thank you for capturing all the nuances of Mylah! It’s so difficult not to be there to see her growing up, so thank you also for sharing these!

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