Alex and Hayley – Wedding

I was introduced to Alex and Hayley through Alex and my mutual passion for photography. Serving as a wedding photographer always means a ton of responsibility is placed in my hands – catch all the action and expect it to slow down for nothing. Tell the story and capture the day just as beautiful as it was. It’s a  huge and extremely rewarding task and I was extremely honored when Alex asked me to photograph their wedding day.  Pressure’s on! Shooting for someone who knows what they’re looking for here!! (Check out his work here!)
Turns out shooting for a photographer is 100% awesome. 1. I get to use his gear on top of my own gear (Spoiled with his 85mm f/1.2 L for the day!). 2. He contributes ideas and creative thoughts (twice the “professional” brilliance!). 3. He makes sure I have the optimal conditions (time, light, etc) to make amazing photographs. 4. Alex and Hayley value amazing photography just as much as I do.
Alex and Hayley’s wedding day was so beautiful. Lovely details, earth tones, outdoor ceremony overlooking a pond and a pasture, and a rocking party in the reception hall (which was amazing – you must check it out! It’s called the Barne’s Place in Adel, IA). Best wishes to them and expect great things to come from this photographer!
 I can’t take credit for the image below! The groom shot this himself just before we stole away to shoot bride and groom sunset portraits. That’s what happens after a, “Here, hold my camera for a second!”

  1. Jim Klosterboer says:

    Wonderful pictures. Congratulations to the couple and their families!

  2. Rae Egeland says:

    God’s blessings to our son and his beautiful bride!

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