Hayley – 2014 Senior

This is Hayley! Not even joking – she is the nicest person in the entire world. There is nobody nicer than her. Nobody. I just love her energy and positivity and you better bet it’s contagious. It’s usually my job to build  up individuals I’m shooting so they feel their best and in turn look their best! In some awesome way Hayley and her mom turned this around and I was also feeling like a million bucks after the shoot! Life lesson: be friends with nice people. They make you happy 🙂
She’s also gorgeous and a fabulously talented dancer! We had a blast making these images – enjoy!

  1. Anne McIlhon Keller says:

    Those are STUNNING! Gorgeous, Hayley!

  2. Theresa Wheeler says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! 🙂

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