Downs Kids

This is how this photo shoot came about:
After a senior shoot I was instructed by my mother-in-law to head over to the Downs house for dinner.
Me (On the phone): “Hey, Tara! I’m at your house – you have dinner right?”
Tara (boisterous italian mom of the kids below): “RRRYYYAAANNN!!! Yes! Hey, do you have your camera with you?!!”
Me: “Of course I do!”
Tara: “Photo shoot with my kids, now!! They’re all dressed up in their pumpkin patch outfits!”
Me: (I look out toward the sun which has almost set for the day) “Uhm, okay. Drive fast!!”
Tara and the kids got home and the camera clicking ensued! The entire shoot below took about six minutes. That was efficient!
These kids are awesome, by the way 🙂

  1. Krista Leigh Statler says:

    Love these kids so sinkin’ much! Amazing pictures Ryan!

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