Prom 2014 – Ankeny Centennial High School

How would you describe prom to someone who has never heard of it? It’s like a big pretend wedding between 500 teenagers  – no ceremony but all party?? Pretty much.
Everyone dressed up looking gorgeous, or dapper, and ready to be photographed – works for me! I had a blast photographing this group of prom-goers from Ankeny Centennial High School. It was terribly windy but I think it actually worked well for the photos – gave the dresses some movement and kept the guys from sweating through their dress shirts too soon, double win. No really, this group of young people were wonderful to work with and I would LOVE to shoot any and all of their senior photos (hint hint!). Thanks for being in front of my camera everyone 🙂
Week of April 27th: I’m working on getting discs burnt with all these photos to distribute to the students and their parents! Look for them from Rachel Damman by this Friday the 2nd.

  1. Janice Dunkley Peterson says:

    love love love this group!

  2. Jeanie Graeve says:

    Awesome photos!!!

  3. Terri Schoenrock Sawatzky says:

    Some of the prom goers are from Ankeny High School too! Wonderful pictures!

  4. Dennice Shupe says:

    Yes! Love these pics!!

  5. Janean Venenga Carey says:

    Thank you for being there and taking such awesome photos!!!

  6. Lisa Carstenson Evans says:

    You did such an AMAZING job!!! Thank you!

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