Lindsey – 21st Birthday Portraits

One of Lindsey’s birthday presents was MEEEE!!!! Well, a photo shoot with me to capture her youth and beauty as she is now during her 21st year of life on planet earth. It was a fabulous shoot with gorgeous weather and great laughs in downtown Des Moines. It took literally nothing to get this girl to crack up and show off that bright smile – good news for me, she’s photogenic! Happy Birthday to you, Lindsey! Thanks for letting me celebrate with you and make great portraits – a gift that will last forever!

Thinking back, we should have turned this photo shoot into a drinking game of some sort – given it was Lindsey’s 21st birthday, you know! Don’t know how good of a photographer I’d be then….

Oh, I took a little more creative liberties in editing these photos than normal – which was super fun! If you like these edits be sure to let me know before your shoot!


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