Katie and Tim – Married

The playful, silly, genuine connection between Tim and Katie is what I absolutely love to be able to capture as a photographer. Making beautiful photos during wedding days like theirs is awesome and I think we did a pretty good job doing just that. Their reception was at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport and it was an incredible venue for the party and photos! Oh, I have to explain the swords a bit… so, Tim has observed that most grooms get his groomsmen nice but somewhat useless gifts. His logic was what’s more awesome and useless than authentic swords?! We had a blast photographing all the guys whilst wielding their swords – that was certainly unique!


  1. Breanna Mae says:

    Beautiful job Ryan!!!!!!!! Beautiful wedding Katie & Tim:)

  2. Kelly Paige Ypr says:


  3. Kelli Schwichtenberg says:

    What an amazing job capturing their beautiful day!!! Cheers Ryan!

  4. Cindy Paige says:

    BEAUTIFUL pics, love them all!

  5. Tammy Foxworthy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, all of them! Congratulations!

  6. Vicky Harder says:

    Gorgeous flowers, the cake was beautiful along with the bride and groom. Very pretty wedding, wish we could have been there.

  7. Mary Smith says:

    Beautiful Wedding. Beautiful Bride and handsome Groom. Glad we could be there.

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