Dakota – Class of 2015

What can I say about this girl?!

You know what gets me fired up? Working with people who have talent and passion – people who know what they love and are really amazing at it. In Dakota’s case, that’s dance. She’s been dancing her whole life – perfecting her skills and constantly growing at it everyday. She attends the same dance studio, Ankeny Dance and Performing Arts Academy (check them out if you’re looking for a studio!), as my little sisters – so I’ve watched her grow for years. It’s pretty amazing to be able to capture her beauty now, as a senior in high school, at this exciting transition in her life.

Dakota and her mother, who I have to mention is the fabulous creative brains behind Ankeny Dance, have been traveling the nation auditioning for her top choice dance schools. No doubt she’ll see success in the field of dance and performing arts. She’s got the drive and the raw talent.

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