Jonathan – Head Shots and More

Jonathan isn’t just a triple threat performer, he’s a quadruple threat because he can sing, dance, act, and TEACH! He’s the Assistant Director of Choirs at Ankeny High School and they are lucky ducks to have him. We both graduated from AHS in 2008, were involved in Show Choir and drama together so I know first hand he knows what he’s doing. He was a natural leader of our show choir and really contributed to our success – everyone loved him! Fast forward to today – It’s absolutely wonderful seeing someone so passionate about their profession making a difference in the lives of young people.

And, I can’t help reliving the glory days… check out Visual Adrenaline’s 2008 show, and Jonathan’s toe-touch (which he can still do… proof below in this post…), at 1:22!

Jonathan needed an updated headshot (because everyone does!) and I couldn’t resist talking him into some extra creative shots – it was a bast!

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