Petar and Emmy – Proposal

Petar and Emmy are absolutely perfect together – internationally minded, expressive thinkers, and intense-loving individuals. As the four of us close friends, Samantha and I have watched their relationship develop from the very beginning and we were thrilled to witness Petar’s proposal. Close family were in town for Emmy’s Easter Sunday Baptism – which turned out to be the perfect set up for the bunch to watch Petar get down on one knee and pop the question! After brunch it was suggested everyone drive by the home Petar just purchased to “check it out”. So, on the curbside of their home-to-be as husband and wife she said “yes”. It was perfection and I was honored to capture all the emotion with these photos.

The wedding is going to be a riot and I am counting down the days until I can celebrate with these two and their wonderful Serbian and Ecuadorian families!

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