Dan and Danielle – Married

Daniel and Danielle (say that 10 times fast!) are a fantastic pair! I loved them from the start. They’re totally the ying to the other’s yang, perfect fit. You’ll quickly notice the wedding theme: globes, maps, and travel! Danielle is a flight attendant and, obviously, loves to travel and see the world. Hearing the adventures these two have already had together is awesome! I’m stoked to hear what the future has in store for them!

Dan and Danielle (that’s easier to say…) were married at The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Coraville, Iowa. We shot on the University of Iowa campus and around the Ped Mall. Always fun to be out and about and relish the attention and adoration of the public on wedding day!

All the best to you two! It was an honor to be able to capture such amazing moments and be a part of the wedding day! 

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