Peter and Bethany – Proposal

I donned my camo pants, found a pair of sunglasses that covered half my face, and set off to hide in the bushes and capture Bethany’s surprise and happiness as Peter PROPOSED! And I learned a lesson, be very early to these kinds of things (which thankfully I was!) – just in case the bride-to-be is amped to get to the final destination of the scavenger hunt and arrives 45 minutes early! How fast did you drive, Bethany?!! Haha!

It was amazing to be a small part of this amazing event. So sweet, so thought out, and so genuine. These two are awesome. Totally bad to the bone too, sine they opened a bottle of Champagne in the park and used glassware! Totally against the rules… but rules really don’t apply when you’ve just gotten engaged. Loved the time we had after the question was popped to snap some quick pretty portraits and detail shots to document the event. Can’t wait to document life with photography many more times for Peter and Bethany!  

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