Alek and Vanesa – Married

Vanessa and Alek! Chicago! Wedding! What a wonderful day. The venue (jaw-drop!), the bride and groom’s families, the bridal party, the details, the love. Ah – totally wonderful!

Vanessa’s family is Italian and Alek’s family is Macedonian – so we had amazing cannolis and an all inclusive dance circle. Such beautiful cultures and love for family. Oh, thought it was funny how after the ceremony Alek and Vanessa were laughing about how Vanessa totally forgot her bouquet during the ceremony and put Alek’s ring on his right ring finger. Close enough to be legal!

It’s awesome how this world is so small! Meeting Vanessa while studying abroad in Italy and a few years later photographing her gorgeous wedding in Chicago. Pretty awesome! All the best to you two, Alek and Vanessa!

Notice Alek’s ring on his right hand? Haha! 

  1. Laura Kennedy McNamara says:

    Amazing photographs of a terrific couple!

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