Natasha and Snip – Northern Ireland

Of all the people in the entire country of Northern Ireland, Natasha is my favorite. Granted, before I met her family she was the only person I knew from that small but¬†fantastic¬†country. Nevertheless, if I did know them all she’d still certainly be the most lovely. My wife and Natasha became friends while studying abroad in central Spain. I think it’s awesome the connections that can be made and only strengthened by time and distance. We don’t see each other or chat often at all but when we do it’s magic!

Natasha and her family hosted my wife and me in Northern Ireland for the first three days of our 2016 European vacation adventure. The most kind-hearted, fun to be around people ever! They showed the most beautiful coast (the Causeway Coast), fed us amazing food, and made us feel right at home. Truly a special experience to be such a part of a beautiful culture – similar to life in the United States but so different and awesome!

And combining two things I love most, travel and portrait photography, while we were there we had to have a little fun shoot with Natasha and her thoroughbred horse, Snip! Natasha and Snip compete in horse jumping competitions and they make a great pair. Gorgeous Northern Irish countryside, beautiful lady, stunning horse, and my camera – pinch me! What a thrill!

So enjoy these portraits of Natasha and Snip! Also at the bottom of this post are a few of my favorite shots from our time touring Northern Ireland!


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