Oma – “Senior Photos”

What words can I say about my Oma? She is strength, grace, patience, nurturing, peace, love, dedication, grandmother.

Oma is actually my wife’s grandmother, but a part of my life for ages. I remember the moment she first saw me she asked, “Are you greek? Because you look greek!” I think she liked me right from the start, and I liked her too! Grandmas always know what’s good and what’s not. So if you’re a lovestruck 15 year old and want to stick around get the grandmas to like you!

When I was chatting with her about my photography work I mentioned “senior photography” which made her say, “Hey, Ryan! That’s what you should do! Senior Photography!”. “But, Oma, I do do senior photography… “. “No, REAL senior photography – like with senior citizens?! Who wouldn’t love to have great photos of their grandparents?!”

And I¬†absolutely agree! So we had a perfect little studio photoshoot. My wife did Oma’s hair and makeup and I had a wonderful time with Oma in front of my camera. Such natural beauty.

PS – Oma is german for grandma!


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