Travis and Nicole – Married

Honey Creek Resort was rocking during Travis and Nicole’s wedding day! This wedding!! Fabulous people, beautiful venue, beyond lovely bride, awesome groom… the list goes on. Really, I had way too much fun being a part of this wedding day. A (super awesome) surprise choreographed  bride and groom dance, catching sunset photos in the last 5 minutes of direct light of the day, grandmothers as flower girls (sooooo adorable!), wonderfully emotional personally written vows, cruising down rural Iowa highways in a big blue party bus, and just the briefest rain shower in Albia are just a few of the genuine and unforgettable moments of Travis and Nicole’s wedding day.

Oh and of course, some mysterious incidents from Travis and Nicole’s dating years were suddenly cleared up in the most hilarious fashion during the toasts. Confessions to Travis’ parents were hilarious! Turns out there’s nothing you can do to your kids post I Do “because now we’re married!!”.

Rewind one year and check out their engagement photos! I knew I liked these two right from the start of that shoot. Much love to you two forever and ever!

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