John and Krista – Married

This one was special. This was family.

Krista is my sister-in-law and now John is my (first!) brother-in-law!! Documenting a wedding day I’m so emotionally into, witnessing all the planning steps, and knowing and loving everyone involved brought me up to a new level of loving what I do. The foundation of society is the family unit. The example of unconditional love, hard work, and diligent devotion is exactly what these people, my family, have been for me. I am excited to be a part of John and Krista’s lives together as husband and wife – forging their own path and growing closer everyday.

And something else incredibly exciting – John and Krista’s family is well on its way to becoming one beautiful human larger! As we ride the wave of joy post wedding we can’t wait for Baby Nelson to make his or her appearance in late July 2016!

John, welcome to the family. I’m convinced now you can handle this bunch. Krista, you were the most graceful bride (especially considering you were 8 months pregnant…). Creating these images for you two was an honor.

  1. Leilani McAnear says:

    So beautiful, my eyes are misty!

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