My Boy – 2 Months Old

Looking through old photos makes me super sentimental. As I anticipate the birth of my second son (coming mid-June!!) I can’t help but think back to what it was like when Statler was a newborn and jeez, I don’t feel like I remember much. Thankfully we have some great snapshots of life at that time and beautiful portraits of our new boy. I got SO SICK of people saying “they grow up so fast”, “don’t blink or they’ll be all grown up”, and so on. But honestly, that’s the reality and it kinda stinks. They don’t stay tiny little cuddly babies forever (and, really, that’s just fine because toddlers are way more fun…) but taking in the moments when your children are as they are at every stage is so valuable. Photography is incredible in what it can do to freeze a moment and spark a memory of the past.

It was delightful looking through these old “happy baby moment” photos of Statler as I look forward to having another tiny baby to adore so very soon.

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