Statler – Valentine’s Day 2020

Christmas usually comes and goes in the blink of an eye and I’m too focused on getting clients their albums, prints, canvases, and files that I totally neglect our own family Christmas card. You know the saying, “shoemaker’s children go barefoot”? Every year I vow to actually get one printed but lo, it never happens.

As a tiny consolation we have been good about capturing portraits of Statler and printing Valentine’s Day cards to hand out to family and friends. February is a much more relaxed time of year in the photography business.

I had to tell my mother she “was right”. You really don’t understand the love of a parent until you are a parent. I look at these photographs of my boy and my heart swells in a way I just can’t explain. All the love and adoration I could possibly feel for anther being is his. Everything he does, even what may frustrate me sometimes, is a blessing and his existence in my life has changed it forever. Seriously, he’s the most awesome child and I’m so happy he’s mine!

Creating photographs of him is something I don’t do nearly often enough but when I do it’s the most meaningful work I create. Knowing we’ll have these beautiful portraits of our child for the rest of our lives, freezing his smile and presence in this moment here and now for us to reflect on later, is simply priceless.

Here are Statler’s one-year-old and two-year-old valentine cards! Oh, he’s just sooooooo cute!!!

  1. Baba Chi Chi says:

    Once I get firmly in mind that he’s 3, I appreciate the pictures and photography even more….It’s almost like I can hear him talking, and I realize he is just up the street, and I want to spend more time with him. I am improving my quality of life, and promise to spend more time with my loved ones….

  2. Lisa Damman says:

    Ryan, you always write so eloquently! I’m so happy you have a little boy that brings you as much joy as you brought me. I love you very much! Mom

  3. Juli Putzier says:

    Statler is so precious. I love the fun pics.

  4. Susie Rider says:

    I wuv him!!!!

  5. Brenda Secoy says:

    What an amazing year he is facing now. The pictures you will take of him and his baby brother will be forever memories. That haircut took him from baby, cutie pie to Wow, handsome little dude that is, no longer a baby.
    We love you sweet great nephew,
    Gr Aunt Brenda and Gr Uncle Rick.

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