Brooke and Mitch – Married

So, “Never Have I Ever… photographed a wedding during a global pandemic” is something I can no longer say.

The guest count was 8. 10 individuals were physically present including the bride and groom (and me) and another 50, or so, joined in via the videoconferencing service “Zoom”.  The ceremony venue was the couple’s basement. The reception venue was the couple’s living room. The COVID-19 global pandemic had shut down the world and dramatically changed Brooke and Mitch’s wedding plans but they got married on their planned wedding date regardless.

Although wildly different than the celebration they planned (200+ guest count event), Brooke and Mitch, and their closest friends, celebrated nevertheless and it was beautiful. So beautiful to witness shared vows in an intimate setting and so beautiful to narrow it all down to the core of a wedding – the simple, yet incredibly deep, commitment of love to another person.

We captured some perfect sunset portraits – Mitch and Brooke, newly married, glowing in that stunning light. Together, and happy.

Hy-Vee brought in a delicious meal and drinks flowed all night. Being around actual-real-live-people was a treat for me after two weeks of isolation at home! Various friends and family FaceTimed in to share their “congratulations” and a game of “Never Have I Ever” ensued.

Enjoy this glimpse into this beautiful, memorable, at-home wedding!

  1. Eileen Boggess says:

    Such beautiful pictures and so much love! Congratulations!

  2. Megan Dean says:

    Perfectly captured! Love conquers đź’—Congratulations!!

  3. Joni Van Sickle says:

    Beautiful pictures ! Thanks for capturing their special day through bad circumstances

  4. Karen Showalter says:

    Such a Beautiful Bride & Handsome Groom! Love your Dress! I wish You the Fairy Tale Ending of Happily Ever Afterđź’•

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