Tia – Celebrity Bio Shots

This is Tia – the owner of Ayden Lee in Ames. It’s a wonderful store with awesome fashions – men’s and women’s. We recently had a huge, all day, photo shoot at her store – complete with numerous models, hair stylists (from Studio 7), make up artists, and of course great clothes. Having the opportunity to get one-on-one with amazing people like this and capture their unique beauty  is really an indescribable pleasure for me. Tia was (and everyone says this – but she really was!) a natural. From the very first photo while setting up my lights to the last release of the shutter, Tia was working it and not holding anything back – a confidence and power that shines through in these images. Tia, thank you for your contributions to the RAW shoot with Alex and his team and thank you for opening yourself to my camera – it was a blast. 

  1. Valarie Vos Bishop says:

    Awesome, beautiful,……….. 🙂

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