Quetico Canoe Wilderness Adventure

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Some other cool guys and I headed up to Quetico Provincial Park in Canada for some good ‘ol roughing it – voyager style! We packed our packs and headed out on a 6 day, 6 night high adventure canoe/camping trip. We saw bald eagles, moose, mosquitoes, and plenty of loons! Being miles and miles from civilization, depending on the strength of your body and your team, and having the chance to slow way down is a great way to realize how great being alive truly is.

This fish was dead.The nicest place in town. Lap of luxury.#american. When your vehicle is as large as your dwelling.The sunrise our first day on the water.Meet the transportation. Motor = you.That motel room is looking nicer now. Nope, didn’t catch anything. This is just the lure. The beautiful super moon kept any decent long exposure star photography out of the question. Otherwise this would have been the most amazing place to see the stars – away from any light pollution.This is stealth – or a stupid loon. It’s pretty tough to get this close. 640 mm of focal length helped me get the shot.A beautiful fall between two lakes at a 7, or so, foot elevation change.Nate  trying to catch some chow. I think he mostly caught branches – this time out.Lord of the Rings, anybody? Could totally be Lothlórien.Hunger Games secret weapon. Well, they could be poison.Bliss. Sometimes it was painful to break the science and release the shutter to make the photo. God painted those clouds for me.Mi casa es un tent.DINNER!!!!The kitchen.Quetico beach club and resort. Population: 5 stinky men.
And some self portraits of me on the last day. The strip of land in the far distance is the United States of America. The beach is Canada.My friends!! We had a great time in the wilderness! From left to Right: Dennis (my father in law), Nate (Dennis’s second favorite (I’m the first)), Brock (some kid from the desert who was usually covered in mud on the trip), Don (the only one of us who could even attempt to run a marathon), and me (the good looking one with the chicken legs).

  1. Joe Pullen says:

    Hi Ryan, This is Joe Pullen. We (Colton, and my dog Gypsy) camped about 100 yards east of you. You took 1 or 2 pictures of us in the canoe at Bayley Bay. You showed one of them to us and said you would post it or them on the website. Is this the right site, or do you have more than 1? We don’t have any pictures of the 3 of us together. Perhaps we could get 1 or 2 from you. Your photography is FANTASTIC! As I have not yet found the paper you gave me (the back of part of your canoe equipment list- which I would also like a copy of (the canoe eqpt. list) we started searching and Colton found pictures which I am now viewing, but could not find the 2 that you took of us. My e-mail is jpullen007@comcast.net, my mobile phone is 517-260-1185 and my home phone(not as reliable for messages) is 517-547-6794. My snail-mail address is 8624 Horton Beach Rd., Manitou Beach, MI. 49253. I do not check my e-mail every day and just got back from the UP where I wAS FOR THE LAST 4 DAYS Winterizing my TRAILER. I don’t think I have ever seen such good pictures before this. Congratulations and Thanks for taking our pictures. Hopping to hear from you soon. I also enjoyed your captions.

  2. Leilani McAnear says:


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