Leah and Anthony – Married

There’s just something about Leah and Anthony that I love. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re so kind, so beautiful (individually and especially as a couple), so genuine, or so amazingly fun to photograph. Whatever it is, I really like these two and had an amazing beyond amazing time during their wedding day.

The instant laughter that filled the bridal suite at the Downtown Marriott where the ladies were getting ready, the quintessentially stunning cathedral ceremony location, the participation of so many excited family members, the wild party bus, and even a blue morph suits and an Elvis appearance at the reception – it all came together, piece by piece, to create a really special day for Leah and Anthony. Despite the fact that it was, like, 98 degrees and super humid outdoors all day long (but what do you expect in Iowa in July…) we captured some amazing images that I think are really awesome.

And can I mention that dance floor?! NEVER I repeat, NEVER have I seen so many people instantly on the dance floor the moment it opened up after first dances and such a consistently packed dance floor all the way until we were kicked out of the reception hall past midnight! I hear Leah’s family has been rehearsing for the partying portion of the day for some time at a lake house in Minnesota. They like to party! Then there’s the Greek dancing from the groom’s side! Great incorporation of his heritage and amazing photo opportunities as everyone comes together in a huge circle of dance and laughter.

I could go on and on but I’ll let the photos do the talking – describing step by step one of the most wonderful wedding days I’ve had the honor of documenting. Leah and Anthony, all the love and happiness in the world is yours! 

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