Leah and Cody – Married

Story time: It’s senior year of college and my wife (then girlfriend) and her very close friend are assigned a third, random, roommate at The Grove apartment complex in Ames. This unknown variable provided some room for worry with Samantha and Emmy. Would she be cool? Would they like her? Would she be a total pain? Well, it didn’t take us long to realize that Leah was one of the sweetest, funnest, all-around best people we had came across so far in life. A random match that we couldn’t have been happier with. And along with Leah came Cody! Both hailing from Jefferson, Iowa – small town, down-to-earth, genuine people we adore so much. Such deep rooted love between the two of them we always knew was something that would last.

We have lots of memories with Leah and Cody and this wedding day tops the list. It as a perfect day filled with so much love, beautiful faces, and priceless memories. I am deeply honored to have created these photographs for Leah and Cody and everyone who loves them to remember their wedding day for the rest of forever!

So much love to you both, Leah and Cody, forever! Samantha and I are very excited to stay close and share so many more memories with you two!

PS – their San Fransisco Bay area engagement shoot was nuts! Check it out here!

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