Allen and Tessa – Married

There’s just something about photographing a wedding that really gets me excited. Perhaps it’s the opportunity to photo-journalistically document a real, flowing, genuinely true celebration of love or perhaps it’s the ability to be more than just a photojournalist at these events. Taking something that’s already stunning and moving a few things around, encouraging a bit of emotion, or finding the very best light available to work with is the non-stop adventure of the wedding day. It all spins at a million miles a minute and slows down for nothing – especially the photographer. Keeping up with and savoring the opportunity to capture the essence of these days is truly a huge honor. After the wedding day is done that’s it, wedding day over. Dress is never worn again, flowers wilt and die, food is all eaten, and guests return home. Knowing that my brides and grooms have the photographs that I captured on their wedding days to recall the joy and love that flowed is something special. These images never change and will always serve to recall the thrill of a first look, bridesmaid laughter, fluttery feelings, and so many other irreplaceable moments.

Photographing Allen and Tessa’s wedding was all that and a bag of chips! Every single detail, emotion, ray of light, and smile a photographer could want was abound on their wedding day. They are truly wonderful individuals and make a beautiful husband and wife duo. I loved every second spent celebrating and creating art on their wedding day. Much love to you both, Allen and Tessa!

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